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4 Year Olds Preschool Graduation Ceremonies

4 Year Olds Preschool Graduation Ceremonies

May 17, 2022 12:00am

Preschool graduation is a time to celebrate your student's transition from preschool to Kindergarten and to acknowledge this milestone moment in their lives. Graduation ceremonies will be during students' class periods on Tuesday, May 17th and Wednesday, May 18th. There will be a short ceremony in our auditorium, followed by a photo op with teachers and some celebratory treats. Students may leave with family after their ceremony or stay for the rest of their school day.

 Ceremony Times:

Tuesday, May 17

  • 10:45am Mrs. Traff's TTh Class
  • 2:15pm Mrs. Schlotthauer's TTh Class and Mrs. Maijala's TTh Class

Wednesday, May 18

  • 10:45am Mrs. Traff's MW Class and Mrs. Glandon's MWF & M-F Classes
  • 2:15pm Mrs. Biers & Mrs. Williams' KinderPrep Class and Mrs. Maijala's MWF Class

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